What are the risks caused by the seller breaking the FBA shipment limit?

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Although Amazon sellers can now make more flexible decisions, they will comprehensively calculate the total number of shipments of Amazon sellers according to the sales of stores and the sales of products in the sales areas. Inventory can be adjusted in a timely manner, but even if the policy is beneficial to sellers, some sellers with unsatisfactory inventory performance scores are still troubled by the low delivery quota. Many Amazon sellers sell seasonal products, which do not sell well in the off-season, but there is a large demand in the peak season. There are often large orders of goods, but Amazon warehouse inventory is insufficient.

1、 Account number: received little red flag

In Amazon's FBA warehouse system, there is no problem with an occasional or small number of incorrect versions. However, if your actual quantity of shipments is far more than the quantity of shipments you fill in and you "commit crimes repeatedly", Amazon will not allow this behavior to exist.

2、 Amazon canceled the seller's shipment

This kind of punishment is actually divided into two cases, and the consequences are different.

1. The goods are removed within 24 hours

This kind of punishment is actually better, because the goods should not have been delivered. Even if the goods are shipped from the factory, most of them are only on the way to the port, and they have not crossed the border for the time being. At this time, you need to contact the first trip service provider immediately to change the destination address or temporarily store it somewhere.

2. The goods were removed by Amazon before arriving at the FBA warehouse

This is much more troublesome than the previous situation, because once they step out of the country, it will be difficult for the goods to have any room for manoeuvre. Before the cancellation of the goods, because the goods manufactured in excess can be successfully shipped, many sellers are still complacent that this batch of goods has no problem. But Amazon's love of "settling accounts after autumn" is not easy to change. It can find you at all nodes.

At this time, you can also try to contact the first trip service provider according to the transportation status of the goods to see whether you can pay the modification fee before sending the car after the goods arrive on shore. If you can change the address, you can save some Amazon warehouse moving costs and local express delivery costs.

Be sure to calculate the time and money costs of various choices, and don't find yourself doing useless work in the end. Sometimes it's a good choice to abandon it directly.

3. Impose excessive storage fees

The cargo created in excess has not been forcibly cancelled or rejected by the warehouse, and the cargo has been successfully put on the shelves. However, in the recent account funds, no small exception has been found. In the link of excess storage fees, a lot of fees have been levied.

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