Ace Channel - Haika

Ace Channel - Haika

It has a close cooperative relationship with COSCO evergreen shipping company all the year round

Independent cabinet installation throughout Canada, FBA, business address and private address are available (can undertake large-scale goods such as super large furniture, office supplies and equipment)

The overseas customs clearance team has more than 20 years of rich customs clearance experience. The back-end self-supporting truck delivery is safe, fast, stable and independent customization system, which realizes the whole process of real-time tracking, and the dynamics of goods can be easily mastered. (focus on the small program of excellent products)

Toronto, Vancouver, Calgary and Ottawa have independent overseas transit warehouses (support customers to pick up) and claim compensation of 200% for lost parts during transportation

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Address: room 6012, Jincheng business building, Lixin South Road, Huaide community, Fuyong street, Bao'an District, Shenzhen

Tel: 0755-23015386

Contact: Miss Li: 13410818128 Mr Li: 18983948662


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