What are the problems and solutions of cross-border e-commerce logistics?

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The birth and development of cross-border e-commerce logistics have had a certain impact on the existing logistics pattern, and many entrepreneurs have turned to invest in this field. As for how to choose e-commerce logistics, we need to make a comprehensive evaluation by investigating the company's qualifications and business services. Companies specializing in e-commerce and logistics in the market are often easier to get praise and affirmation from customers.

1、 Transportation route

At present, it is necessary to solve the problem that there are few transport routes. Considering some restrictive conditions set up in overseas areas, logistics companies can only select a single transport route in the process of planning transport routes. The correct way is to sort out multiple transportation lines, so as not to be able to be put into normal use under the interference of weather conditions or other factors.

2、 International express mail

This is a form of logistics transportation based on the three authoritative express delivery services of international express delivery. The characteristic is that the conveying speed is relatively fast. This method may be used for commodities with small volume and large cost space.


3、 Packing of goods

At present, we need to solve the problem of improper packaging of goods. We should know that many goods are delicate. Once they are bumped during transportation, the goods will be scrapped and unusable. In order to avoid this situation, it is necessary to select appropriate packaging forms for the goods to ensure that the goods can arrive at the destination safely.

4、 Integrated logistics

It evolved from traditional logistics. The traditional logistics form is applicable to Amazon platform, as well as other platforms and the internal cabin form of self built website.

5、 Transportation time

At present, the problem of long transportation time needs to be solved. Although some force majeure is playing a role, it is also hoped that the logistics company can find out other influencing factors and improve the transportation time step by step on the original basis. What's more, nowadays consumers have a strong sense of time. If the transportation is too long, it will leave a bad impression on consumers.

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